Your Name Is Your Brand

When testing names, it is important to get results that are not subjective – but strategic. The results must be measured against a set of critical criteria that can show you the level of compatibility with your brands’ overall strategy. To successfully do that, it is not enough to have a “beauty contest” type test and find a winner by asking consumers for their favorite. You must understand what the name means to them and what are the strengths and weaknesses it conveys.

Additionally, an important element in name testing is to give the consumers context around the name by showing them real or mock ads, brand statements, packaging, etc. That can often lead to biased consumers and muddle the research results unless handled carefully.

Invoke is ideally equipped to handling these needs that are a must in name tests. Using cutting edge technology and a unique methodology, Invoke helps brands optimize and identify names. Whether a brand needs to choose, optimize, discover, or verify names – Invoke has the right tools to ensure a deep and rich qualitative understanding of consumers’ thoughts, while also having the confidence in the data with a large sample size and aggregate quantitative data.

Name Testing Combines:

Complete stakeholder involvement
All stakeholders – marketing, creative, consumer insights – can sit together with the Invoke researcher and watch the session unfold in real time and ask questions of consumers. This inclusive approach brings both research and non-research teams together around the voices of the consumers.
Concept rotations
If multiple names are being tested, these names can be rotated randomly to ensure there is no order bias. The names can also be shown monadically to gather feedback devoid of interaction between names.
Dynamic Live Scorecard
If multiple names are being tested, their performance can be monitored across key attributes and a brands’ strategic criteria in real-time. With built-in significance testing, we clearly identify names that are rising to the top and ones that are sinking to the bottom and learn why it is all happening. Again – all in real-time.
In-depth evaluation
Consumers respond to quantitative diagnostic questions and qualitative open-ends to better understand brand differentiation, brand fit, name associations, name memorability, areas of strength and weakness, and whether the name will prompt consideration.
Researchers and stakeholders can insert questions on-the-fly and chat 1-on-1 with consumers to react to shifts in the conversation, follow-up on points of success and challenge identified in the open ended questions, and dive deep with consumers to leave no stone unturned.

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