Dig Below the Surface

Product and packaging concepts go beyond measuring key metrics. Through our agile qual/quant approach, we bring an equal balance of evaluative metrics and rich, diagnostic open-ended feedback to help you understand the drivers of your key metrics. We bring you insights on not only how your concept is performing, but more importantly, how you can make it even better. No research is more agile than this!

Invoke’s LIVE, moderated and inclusive sessions give brands the chance to adapt their research to reflect what they are seeing in real-time, ensuring that they have ALL of the answers they need to move forward with their concepts.
Invoke treats each session as a diagnostic tool. Our sessions are crafted to help our clients understand what is driving participants’ assessment of the concepts and how that feedback can be used to optimize the concept.

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Episode Testing

Get immediate feedback from viewers on picture/show premieres, interactive programs, and award shows.

Live Event Testing

Test whether your audiences will like your programming. What do they like? What don’t they like?

Trailer Testing

Get insight into the broad effect of a trailer and how it performs moment-to-moment.

Ad Testing

Go to market with ads that are engaging, persuasive, and far-reaching.

Name Testing

Get results that are not subjective – but strategic and compatible with your brands’ overall strategy.