The Most Important 2 Minutes

Movie and program trailers have a big job to do. They have to both inform potential viewers of new films and programs and generate excitement or buzz. And to add to the challenge, they have the difficult job of doing so within a short amount of time. So studios, networks, streaming services, and other content providers need to ensure the trailers they release work as hard as possible, right down to the second.

Invoke offers a solution that all-at-once provides insight into the broad effect of a trailer as well as a way to examine more granularly how a trailer performs moment-to-moment. And if there exists a need to cull through potential trailers, Invoke can help identify and optimize top-performers.

Trailer Testing Combines:

Complete stakeholder involvement
All stakeholders – producers, showrunners, marketing, creative, consumer insights – can sit together with the Invoke researcher and watch the session unfold in real time and ask questions of viewers. This inclusive approach brings both research and non-research teams together around the voices of the consumers.
Moment-to-moment dials
As the consumers watch a trailer, a digital slider can be used to track in-the-moment sentiment as the video plays. The dial trace data is displayed in real time as the viewers watch the video, enabling the stakeholders to see viewers’ reactions from scene to scene.
Concept rotations
If multiple trailers are being tested, these trailers can be rotated randomly to ensure there is no order bias. These trailers can also be shown monadically to gather complete feedback devoid of interaction between trailers.
In-depth evaluation
After viewing the trailer(s), viewers respond to quantitative diagnostic questions and qualitative open-ends to better understand performance, identify areas of strength and weakness, and understand why viewers felt the way they did.
Researchers and stakeholders can insert questions on-the-fly and chat 1-on-1 with viewers to react to shifts in the conversation, follow-up on points of success and challenge identified in the dials, and dive deep with viewers to leave no stone unturned.
Invoke’s platform offers advanced security features including individual watermarking of videos. Our cloud-based app has been audited by the Trusted Partner Network as well as individual studios’ security teams so that we can test pre-release content.

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