[Infographic] Spending On Content During Covid-19

[Infographic] Spending On Content During Covid-19

Invoke is conducting a weekly series of research sessions to track how Covid-19 affects spending on streaming services and cable TV. The infographic below was derived from a report that can be downloaded. You can also see the infographic results from week 1, week 2, and week 3.

The latest results show that while Americans are cost sensitive when it comes to cable, that is not the case when it comes to streaming. For the fourth week in a row, streaming comes on top as the preferred method to consume content. The number of Americans who prioritize cost above streaming content dropped from 17% to 13% in the past week alone. Most are not planning changes to their streaming or cable services. Some are forced to find a balance between cutting costs and staying entertained. Another finding is that there is significant contrast in preference when it comes to gender & age. Women and those under the age of 35 strongly prefer streaming compared to men and those over 36.

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Spending On Content During Covid-19. Week 4 of our special Coronavirus Pulse project

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