Survey vs. Questionnaire

Survey vs. Questionnaire

“Questionnaire” and “survey” are often used interchangeably, but in the world of market research, they are quite different things. A questionnaire is a series of straightforward questions, while a survey is a collection of data through numerous methods, one of them potentially being a questionnaire.

What is a Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is simply a tool used to quickly aggregate data through a list of questions sent to participants. Due to its limited scope, a questionnaire isn’t meant to to be the main research method, but an early step in the process. That said, questionnaires are easy to conduct, cheap, and can gather a large amount of surface-level data extremely quickly, which functions as a solid foundation for a study.

What is a Survey?

A survey is a larger project that uses various research components to build a thorough set of data. Surveys are generally quantitative research methods, and are used to dig a little deeper to understand participants’ thoughts and opinions. While surveys might contain questionnaires, they are more in-depth and holistic, requiring data processing and analysis in order to map trends.

Amidst a health crisis, a healthcare company is trialing a new feature on its website where people can connect with a doctor much faster and safer than going to a hospital. This is the first time they’ve rolled something like this out, and want to make the process as efficient and intuitive as possible. The company hires a market research company to conduct a study on how users are interacting with the tool.

The researchers propose a survey to better understand user behavior, starting with a brief questionnaire comprised of basic demographic questions and patient history. Once they have an idea of what the user base is like, they conduct a survey with more complex quantitative questions. The researchers ask the respondents to evaluate their satisfaction with each element of the website, how user-friendly it is, and whether they prefer this tool over an in-person meeting with a doctor. Once the researchers process the data, they compile a report and present it to the healthcare company.

How Is Invoke Different?

  • Invoke Is Big Qual. An Invoke LIVE session brings every stakeholder together on a consumer-led journey that leads to a real-time decision.
  • It’s inclusive, bringing together marketing executives, producers, showrunners, brand managers, business executives, and insights teams on an hour-long conversation with your target audience
  • It’s conclusive, enabling you to probe audience sentiment, test concepts on the fly, attain clarity about strategy and message – and make the right decisions, often by session’s end
  • It’s organic and illuminating, offering rich and sometimes unanticipated insights into how your audience view you and their world: the Why behind the What
  • It’s qual and quant simultaneously, with audiences of many hundreds in a single session

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