The Cord-Cutting Phenomenon Part 2: Original programming should be a consideration – not only for streaming, but for traditional providers as well

The Cord-Cutting Phenomenon Part 2: Original programming should be a consideration – not only for streaming, but for traditional providers as well

This is the second in my two-part take on cord-cutting, based on data from our recent Invoke Live session focused on the topic. To read part 1, please click here.

Looking at other side of the coin, those that say streaming on-demand providers have improved over the past 3 years often point to content as well. Namely, they point most often to original content:

“They have added more and more shows as well as created original series, which I love!”

It’s not a huge surprise that original content is something viewers often like about streaming providers. Original programming such as Netflix’s Stranger Things and Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale have been both critical and audience successes and have driven viewers to subscribe and renew. And articles such as this one in Wired point to this type of programming as making both subscribers and shareholders happy.

This more specifically came through in our research as well with 68% of viewers finding it important for streaming providers to offer original programming (Figure 4)

Figure 4 – How important would it be for a streaming on-demand provider to offer original programming? (n=90)

However, more interestingly, a similar number (66%) say the same for cable/fiber/satellite providers (Figure 5). Streaming providers have set expectations or a constant stream of new and original programming. And that expectation has clearly bled over to the traditional cable/fiber/satellite providers

Figure 5 – How important would it be for a cablfe/fiber/satellite provider to offer original programming? (n=90)

When asked what type of programming these traditional providers should create and offer, viewers often mention known streaming shows (such as Stranger Things, Mindhunter, and Netflix’s cadre of Marvel programming.)

Providers need to better understand what original programming resonates with their viewers

The report focused on the findings from this webinar showcase other things wired and streaming providers can do to attract, maintain, and/or win back customers but original programming should be something all programming providers are thinking about.

And while lower costs would likely always be welcome by customers, cable/fiber/satellite providers that focus on delivering this type of content can help to improve the sense of value customers feel they are getting for their money and create an exclusive experience for their viewers.

Streaming providers, meanwhile, should continue to focus on developing and releasing original content that appeals to their viewers. These providers have done a good job of not only attracting customers with their original content but, in essence, have created the desire for this type of content in the first place.

As more programming providers continue to develop this type of programming, quality and relevance of said content will become increasingly important.  These companies need to both understand on a broader level who their viewers are and what type of programming is appealing and on a more granular level, gather feedback on the pieces and parts that make up a program.

At Invoke,we have conducted a good deal of not only concept testing but also long-form program testing. Our methodology combines our unique real-time sessions with traditional dial testing capabilities to deliver both moment-to-moment sentiment analysis and deep, qualitative insight. This enables programming providers to not only learn what specific elements are working or not working within a show, but also understand the “why behind the what” necessary to fully optimize programming. And since all this is done within the span of 90 minutes or less, these providers can move quickly – which is more important today than it ever has been.

Take a look at this video to understand more about Invoke’s media testing capabilities.

And to take a look at the report, please click here.

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Wayne Goodreau has been in the market research industry since the year 2000, working on both the vendor and client side across a number of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Joining Invoke in 2011 and currently employed as Research Director, Wayne has since worked with a number of Invoke’s clients helping them better understand their consumers and customers through the power of large-scale real-time decision making.

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