Invoke LIVE Uncovers the DNA of Effective Trailers

Invoke LIVE Uncovers the DNA of Effective Trailers

Trailers Are Almost As Important As The Movies Themselves

Today, the film industry is using high-tech techniques to create IMAX, 3D or even 4D movies. However, when it comes to film promotion, the old-fashioned method still works best. A well-crafted movie trailer is still the centerpiece of the standard film marketing campaign.

The recent summer blockbuster ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ has broken many of the box office records, and so has its trailer. The A:IW trailer has become the most-viewed trailer of all time in the first 24 hours airing, with 230 million views according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Action Is Good but a Tease of Story Makes It Great

Coincidentally, Invoke conducted a study to compare two different trailers of the previous Avengers movie in 2015. The first trailer involved a lot of action but almost no story at all. The second trailer was a combination of action plus storyline.

Trailer Interest TrajectoryTrailer Interest Trajectory


Thanks to a digital dial we used in that study, we were able to see that the second trailer had a steadily rising interest level trajectory which had a peak of 82 out of 100. On the other hand, the first trailer’s interest level trajectory dropped significantly at the end and recorded 79 at its peak, below the second trailer.


Trailer Interest TrajectoryTrailer Interest Trajectory


Interestingly, when we looked at interest level trajectory gender, males had an average score of 73 versus an average female score of 64 for the first trailer. Although the average interest score for males was still higher than females for the second trailer, the trailer with the added storyline seemed more appealing to both genders almost equally, with an 81 for males and 81 for females.

And while the interest level peaking points of two trailers were not significantly different, the KPIs of Likeability and Likelihood of talking about or sharing online were clearly in favor of the second trailer.


Trailer KPIs


Here’s another piece of evidence in favor of the second trailer…, we found that most viewers mentioned “story,” “plot,” and “storyline” the most when we asked them what makes a movie great. So, it makes sense that the trailer that made good on that would be preferred over one that didn’t.

Invoke LIVE: Next Generation Breaks Down the Wall Between You and Your Audience

This is just a taste of the kind of real-time insight that can be generated with Invoke Live. And now with the Next Generation, we’re able to add sentiment analysis and video responses to reveal “the book beneath the cover.”

The live video feedback can bring you face-to-face with dozens of your target audience who opt-in to on-camera response in each live session. You can observe participants’ facial expression, see their physical reactions and hear the tone of their voices across the country as if everyone were physically in the same room.

In addition, Invoke LIVE’s enhanced real-time sentiment analysis capabilities enable it to support dozens of world languages, giving multinational companies a comprehensive global view of consumer sentiment.

Thinking about testing your entertainment content with Invoke LIVE? Contact us for more details!

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