Video & Content Evaluation

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Program Testing

Save time and cost by testing studio cuts and final cuts of new program episodes before airing. In real time, you’ll watch viewers from different demographics give their reactions to story lines, characters as well as their overall likes and dislikes. Since participants are viewing the programs and participating in the event online, you will get detailed, unbiased feedback from each audience segment. A crosstab report is delivered immediately after the conclusion of the LIVE session.

Optional Digital Dial

Invoke’s technology incorporates a digital dial so participants can move the dial to register their reactions as they watch the program. If the dial is used, then the moment to moment data summary can also be sent to you immediately after the conclusion of the session.

With hundreds of viewers participating in each Invoke LIVE qualitative event, you can be confident your final decision is supported by statistically sound data.

Video Evaluation Features


If you need a national sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.


Essential for pinpointing moments in the storyline that work — or don’t.  Respondents use their mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback. End points can be customized to fit your individual needs — and evaluations can even include a “tune-out” button so you can pinpoint where audiences are likely to drop-off.


Provided through our dial partner, video content can be watermarked with an IP address or respondent IDs.


For short-form content where more than one version of the video may be under-consideration, Invoke’s platform allows for monadic and sequential monadic rotations to eliminate order bias.


After viewing the content, participants respond to your key quantitative diagnostics that are coupled with qualitative open ends – enabling you to fully understand the “why” behind their ratings, and allowing you to pinpoint key drivers for viewership and potential areas for improvement.

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