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Invoke is Big Qual.

An Invoke LIVE session brings every stakeholder together on a consumer-led journey that leads to a real-time decision.

It’s inclusive, integrating customers, creatives, brand managers, executives and market researchers into a single live and highly productive research event.

It’s conclusive, enabling you to probe audience sentiment, test concepts on the fly, attain clarity about strategy and message – and make the right decisions, often by session’s end.

It’s organic and illuminating, offering rich and sometimes unanticipated insights about how your audiences view you and their world: the Why behind the What.


You need to get “in-market” quickly – sometimes while ideas are still on the drawing board. Insight professionals need a fast, effective way to test, optimize and make intelligent recommendations.

Invoke helps you cut timelines in half by designing and hosting a live, online research event with hundreds of qualified participants in as little as 2-3 weeks.


In today’s hyper-competitive world, budgets are shrinking and resources are dwindling. That only increases the pressure to get it right.

Invoke helps you do a lot more – with a lot less. Save time and money by combining qualitative and quantitative studies into a single research event. Our research expert will come to you and moderate the session on-site, so you slash travel expenses, too.


With Invoke, you’ll have a role in shaping new ideas and setting direction. Invite your colleagues to join you as you watch the research unfold in real-time.

Your voice will be heard as you discuss findings, insert follow-up questions, and conduct 1:1 chats that enable everyone to walk away with a clear understanding of what happened – and what needs to happen next.

Invoke Live

Invite your other stakeholders and actively participate in live, large-scale, qualitative research events with hundreds of consumers. Immediately react to insights as they unfold, and walk away with the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions.

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Whether you need to develop a winning concept or conduct a qualitative evaluation of a full-length video, our researchers have the industry & research expertise to deliver the outcomes you need.

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