Invoke is big qual decisions

Solutions built for real time decisions.

How did you feel during that scene?
I thought it was very clever and funny!
How did you feel during that scene?
I thought it was very clever and funny!


Invoke provides rich qualitative insights at global scale in a fraction of the time. Invoke unlocks the ability to talk to fan groups and various audiences simultaneously which eliminates hours/days spent in qual settings. I can push go on a project, and within a week, I can have a direct connection with hundreds of fans of IP, movies, etc.
Consumer Insights Leader, Top Streaming Service

Invoke is an innovative online qual/quant research platform for 2020 and beyond in an industry where 1970's technology and methodologies are still king.
Senior Researcher, Top Streaming Service

The platform provided deep audience insights that helped sharpen the content and marketing for the movie.
Senior Manager of Consumer Insights, Entertainment & Media Leader

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Invoke is Big Qual.

An Invoke LIVE session brings every stakeholder together on
a consumer-led journey that leads to a real-time decision.

Get to Market Faster

You need to get “in-market” quickly – sometimes while ideas are still on the drawing board. Test your storyboards, animatics, and get immediate insights.

Hear Your Audience

Speak to real people. Select your audience by any criteria (viewership, streaming subscriptions, product usage, and/or any other demographic).

Share the Experience

Your stakeholders (creatives and marketing execs) will participate in the discussion with your audience. Collectively you’ll set direction in real-time.

With hundreds of viewers participating in each Invoke LIVE qualitative event, you can be confident your final decision is supported by statistically sound data.

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